Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 1)  saying, aphorism2)  An official order by law; To command with or order by law3)  push, shake5) NOT overbearing7)  A period of staying awake at night to keep watch or pray8)  A display or expression of approval; Applause11)  Not harmonious; harsh sounding13)  remains, trash14)  Rude, lacking good manners or politeness16)  lazy person, couch potato18)  To remain floating or suspended in air, linger Across: 4) touch, fumble6)  A passage or quotation taken from a book; To select or use material from a book in order to cite or copy9)  progress, develop10)  A stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle12)  to prevent the occurrence of; to make impossible; to exclude from something15)  To work together, esp. in literary artistic or scientific undertaking17)  An angry or noisy dispute, an altercation; To argue or dispute in a noisy or angry manner19)  A situation that creates a sudden increase in wealth or good fortune20) NOT move forward


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