Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 1)  A domesticated, weasellike, usually albino animal; To drive out from a hiding place, to expel2) scold, defame3)  Agreement or harmony between people, sounds, colors, opinions, etc.; To be in agreement or harmony, to agree6)  Fear and apprehension; A state of alarm or dread8)  lament, regret9)  To hold full attention of; To absorb completely11)  proficient, deft13)  To become used to by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure15)  Physical strength or mental vigor; Liveliness Across: 4)  Rudely brief when speaking to someone; Concise and to the point5)  An exchange of goods without using money; To trade one kind of good for another without using money7)  Having an agreeable or pleasing personality; Likeable; Sociable9)  A restriction on property by limiting inheritance; To involve by necessity or as a consequence10)  approaching, forthcoming12) NOT soothe14)  To mock; To treat with derision or scorn15) NOT unreal16)  metamorphosis, conversion17)  Erratic in behavior or degree of unpredictability; Impulsive; Tending to act on sudden fanciful ideas18)  To invent or think up; To concoct


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