Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  critical, vital2)  screwup, debacle4)  To annoy thoroughly; To make very angry; To try the patience of5)  Carelessly lazy; Failing to do what should be done6)  A restraint, limit, or restriction; An adverse remark or criticism; A narrowing of a duct or passage in the body12)  weak, colorless13)  A thin decorative surface layer; To cover a surface with a thin layer of decorative material15)  grounds, leftovers17)  Having no power to move or act; Lifeless; Inactive Across: 3) occur, develop7) NOT story without a lesson?8)  A decoration for food; To provide or supply with something ornamental, especially food9)  obscurity, blankness10)  quid pro quo, complementart11)  oeuvre, composition14) NOT philanthropic16)  sound, sensible18) background, lineage19)  personify, represent20)  gorge, bottomless pit


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