Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  A hook used for grasping and holding; To take hold of firmly; To come to terms with2)  A rope, chain, or similar restraint for holding something in place; To fasten with a rope, chain or the like3)  A vast number of something; Too numerous to be counted4)  To do as one is asked or ordered6) outlook, mindset9) stir up, influence10)  Of great size and power15)  A condition of perfect agreement and accord16)  Excitable or easily scared;17)  To compete eagerly with someone in order to achieve something Across: 5)  assign, divvy6)  To trouble; To make anxious; To upset7)  Closely related to the matter at hand8)  intentional, premeditated, obstinate, stubborn11)  To gather together or accumulate12)  durability, endurance13)  To disable or make ineffective14) NOT timid18)  empty, barren19)  A superior group of people; Representing the best, superior


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