Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT gracelessness2)  friendly, congenial3)  Embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed4)  effect, backlash7)  Going straight to the point, frank, direct; In a direct or straightforward manner9)  Being able to remember things easily; Able to absorb and hold moisture11)  omen, forewarning13) NOT unclear14)  A fake name, especially one used by an author16)  Agonizing physical or mental pain, torment; To suffer great pains or distress Across: 3)  cold, detatched5)  Firm or determined; Set in purpose or opinion and not willing to change one's mind6)  wallow, take pleasure8) banish, blacklist10) NOT be modest12) reform, rebuild15) fall guy, sucker17)  eradicate, purify18)  impress, force in19)  An imperfection, flaw, or blemish of some kind; To desert a cause, country, or organization in order to adopt another


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