Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 1)  Lighthearted; Animated; Easy and carefree2)  A servant who does lowly and unpleasant work; Of or relating to lowly and sometimes degrading work4)  top, pinnacle5)  bad mouth, undervalue7)  Worn and exhausted in appearance10)  characteristic, feature12)  A point in time, especially a crucial one; A joint or connection13)  ward off, bypass15)  A mental, physical or emotional position adopted with respect to something; A position16) tacky, flashy18)  cut, delete Across: 3)  To not make a definite choice; To show indecision6)  To express; To communicate something8)  roll about, bathe in9)  Very unusual or from another part of the world; Foreign11)  looting, thieving14)  Not arrogant or pretentious; Modest17)  lay waste, devastate19)  defector, traitor20)  conviction, principle


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