Vocabulary Workshop Level C Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  A narrow passage between mountains; To make dirty or unclean2)  Widespread fame or glory3)  Freedom from punishment; Exemption from consequences6)  displeased, bad-tempered8)  To trespass upon the property, domain, or rights of another, especially stealthily or by gradual advances; To trespass9)  An exceptionally talented child10)  Of, relating to or prescribing punishment, as for breaking the law12)  applicable, fitting13)  To provide with property, income, or a source of income; To furnish15)  A person who lives in seclusion or apart from society; A hermit Across: 1)  drastic, catastrophic4)  To make an effort to resist; To defend oneself from a blow or attack5)  A short, heavy club; To hit with or as if with a heavy club6)  Able to remove suspicion or hostility; Charming or endearing7)  appropriate, fitting11)  Soreness or irritation caused by rubbing; To rub and cause irritation or friction14)  major, bulk16) give in, submit17) off-course, amiss18) manner, appearance


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