Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  An unsophisticated country person; Characteristic of dwelling in the country2) observe, see4)  amiable, good-natured6)  multitalented, adaptable9)  The moving from place to place of people or things10)  To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof12)  Having the disagreeable odor or taste of decomposing oils or fats; rank14)  authentic, legitimate15)  An introductory or opening performance Across: 3)  disgusting, base5) group, circle7)  weak, indefensible8)  Marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict rules11)  Never ending13)  To cut off a part from a whole; to divide or separate14)  Able to float easily; Cheerful and lighthearted16)  To divide and give out in shares17)  compromise, allow18) superior, grand19)  To decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline


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