Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  Dependent upon or characterized by mere chance2)  To cut or split open with a sharp instrument3) foundation, groundwork5)  To do anything without preparation, to ad-lib7)  To diminish or destroy the strength of; to make weak9)  fiasco, tragedy10)  One's line of ancestors11)  To settle or resolve17)  Performed with a natural, offhand ease; Showing little thought, preparation, or concern Across: 2)  A strong and sweetened alcoholic liquor, a liqueur; Warm and sincere, friendly4)  pastiness, whiteness6)  To rouse to a particular action; provoke8)  shabby, frayed12)  To involve in an argument; To throw into confusion or disorder13)  To relieve or vindicate from accusation or blame14)  A metal fastening for securing the wrist or ankle, a handcuff; To restrict, confine, or put in chains15)  straight up, steep16) NOT disconnect18)  abundant, plentiful19)  entry, arrival


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