Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  The main impact or force, as of an attack2)  lengthen, prolong4)  An unprincipled, tricky fellow6) NOT alive7)  An excuse or trick for escaping or hiding something12) applicant, petitioner13)  To turn away or aside; to avoid14) rude, vulgar18)  To reject with disrespect Across: 3)  pit, mine5)  trigger, impel8)  A loud or pompous speech, a rant; To deliver a loud or pompous speech, to rant9)  prod, explore10)  A person or group that fights; Engaged in fighting11)  humiliate, degrade15) NOT animosity16)  multitude, throng17)  Causing uncertainty or suspicion; Doubtful19)  unremorseful, not sorry20)  bother, harass


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