Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 6 Crossword
Down: 2) NOT agreeable5)  Unnecessarily more than is needed6) stubborn, steadfast7)  A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence; slavery8)  elaborate, difficult9)  To cut down with an ax12) NOT remiss15)  A scornful remark or tirade, a jeer; To mock a person with sarcastic, insulting, or jeering remarks16)  Easy to understand, clear Across: 1)  terrible, appalling3) NOT encumber4) postmortem, subsequent8)  broke, destitute10)  relentless, persistent11)  To prevent the free movement, action, or progress of13)  convincing, probable14)  Marked by persevering, painstaking effort17)  Melancholy18)  To make amends for19)  succeed, unseat


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