Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 7 Crossword
Down: 2)  Of poor quality or craft3) harangue, lecture4)  hobo, tramp5)  bad-tempered, aggressive7)  A farewell or good-bye; Used to express farewell or good-bye8) dangerous, risky9) city, municipality10)  To absorb into the prevailing culture; To absorb into the mind, learn13) arrival, start17)  To speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely, to bad-mouth; Evil in disposition, nature, or intent Across: 1)  Counterfeit or fake; Not genuine6)  The highest point, as of a mountain9) NOT race11)  Deep in thought12)  overpriced, inflated14)  To fill with an overflowing abundance, flood; To overwhelm15)  Full of spirit and vitality; In a lively, animated manner16) NOT insignificant18)  Time between acts or periods; Serving during a temporary interval of time19)  Grumpy, bad-tempered


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