Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1) varied, diverse3)  Causing sorrow; Serious4)  Offensive to taste and feeling7)  Hard and constant work in any menial or dull occupation8)  lecture, address10)  pack, multitude11)  To run hastily; To dash12)  talent, style13) grating, harsh14)  To enter in a book, or on a list, roll, or document, by writing19)  To drive or urge forward Across: 2)  fake, pretend5)  Something that is a means to an end; Contributing to personal advantage, beneficial6) frank, blunt9)  Skeptical; Expressive of disbelief15)  accelerate, worsen16) NOT retelling17) NOT native citizen18)  An individual or group that offers assistance or support, a helper; Offering assistance or support, helping20) NOT corner office


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