Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 1 Crossword
Down: 2)  restate, recap3)  insinuation, inkling4)  emotionless, indifferent6)  affluent, sumptuous8)  Easily influenced, persuaded, or swayed12)  To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients16)  The external appearance as produced by garb or costume18)  jeer, taunt Across: 1) NOT beaming3)  menacing, sinister5)  Patient courage7) enlarge, supplement9)  To distribute persons or forces systematically or strategically10)  Characterized by caution11)  Not certain or final; Done without confidence, hesitant13) skillful, multifaceted14)  Using exactly the same words, corresponding word for word; In exactly the same words, word for word15)  Left desolate or alone, especially by death17)  Not properly maintained; disorderly or untidy18)  gawk, gaze


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