Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 2)  composed, docile3)  compelling, powerful4) NOT crookedness6)  To mistake the meaning of; To misinterpret10) NOT keep quiet12)  irrefutable, definite13)  lifting, copying15) NOT contract16)  craftiness, cunning Across: 1)  insubstantial, cursory5) offensive, odious7)  ruse, guise8)  To calm the anger of; To appease or pacify9)  comprehend, understand11)  Grim or desolate, harsh; Utterly, absolutely or completely14)  Someone who has the ability to see the future; Able to see the future; Having the ability to percieve things beyond others17)  Fitted to serve as a model or example worthy of imitation; Ideal or commendable18)  program, tour19) NOT credible20)  Native to some specified country or region


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