Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1) suppress, subdue2)  banality, buzzword3)  Done in secret; Subversive or deceptive in secrecy or in private5) fire, inferno6)  Part of or happening in the night8)  sluggish, inactive11)  Perceived by touch or capable of being touched14)  Not able to be removed or erased15)  Very proud or happy, or in high spirits Across: 3)  Emotionally hardened; Unfeeling, insensitive, unsympathetic4)  Understood or implied without being expressed7)  guilt, hesitation9)  eminent, grand10) NOT ignore11)  biting, incisive12)  Sharp or harsh to the taste or smell; Extremely stinging or bitter in manner13)  Characterized by the giving in to the wishes of someone14)  Not relevant or applicable16)  ingrained, chronic17)  To renounce or reject; To avoid or shun


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