Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  To regard or speak of slightingly; To belittle2) belligerent, pugnacious3)  A rule or decree that is proclaimed by those in authority4)  Of no recognized or definite type or kind6)  readiness, eagerness7)  Very talkative8) horrify, upset10) NOT sluggish12)  The exact or direct opposite or contrast14)  To make more keen or eager15)  Expressed as a command or order, required18)  comical, witty Across: 5)  Harsh or disagreeable in sound9)  To praise with words or song11) generous, considerate12)  To make easier to endure or less hard to bear13)  To make clear or explain16)  Not easily roused to feeling or action17)  To make void, repeal or cancel19) NOT perk up


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