Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1) belittle, mock2)  Quarrelsome or inclined to fight3)  A rule or decree that is proclaimed by those in authority4)  Of no recognized or definite type or kind6) eagerness, readiness7)  talkative, garrulous8)  upset, horrify10)  Full of animation and spirit, lively and energetic12)  reverse, opposite14)  awaken, sharpen15)  forced, imperative18)  witty, comical Across: 5) discordant, unmusical9)  mention, praise11) generous, considerate12)  To make easier to endure or less hard to bear13)  expound, explain16)  placid, unconcerned17)  retract, withdraw19)  droop, sag


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