Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  To regard or speak of slightingly; To belittle2) belligerent, pugnacious3)  statute, decree4)  Of no recognized or definite type or kind6)  Cheerful willingness or readiness7) NOT untalkative8)  To fill or overcome with dismay or horror10)  Full of animation and spirit, lively and energetic12)  converse, contrast14)  arouse, awaken15)  Expressed as a command or order, required18)  Amusingly odd or comical Across: 5)  harsh, unmusical9)  extol, acclaim11) generous, noble12)  lessen, lighten13)  To make clear or explain16)  indifferent, apathetic17)  To make void, repeal or cancel19) NOT perk up


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