Vocabulary Workshop Level E Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 1)  urbane, polished2)  Having great variety; diverse3)  Eating or living upon food of all kinds indiscriminately4)  predicament, jam6)  To render useless; To cripple8)  Expression of sympathy with a person in pain, sorrow, or misfortune10) outdated, old-fashioned11)  To laugh at with scorn; To ridicule15)  Hatred, Strong dislike17)  A noisy festivity or celebration, merrymaking; To take great pleasure or delight Across: 5)  Stubbornly disobedient; Resisting to authority7)  Worn and broken down by hard use9) thrifty, stingy12)  An injury done in return for injury13)  Characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; Not devious in a naive way14)  To set apart as sacred16) anxious, angst-ridden18) praise, extol19) similar, fitting20)  Lack of concern or emotion; Indifference


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