Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 10 Crossword
Down: 2) NOT identical3) delay, defer4)  beneficent, benevolent6)  evil, base8)  Hidden or kept secret on purpose; Covered; A hiding place9)  Happening by chance or by accident; Lucky10)  A lot of sitting or resting with very little exercise12)  Dealing with abstract or hard to understand information15)  Unfriendly or hostile17)  abusive, vituperative, abuse, denunciation, vilification19)  accumulate, increase20)  Overbearing or demanding or seeking to dominate Across: 1)  A scene of confusion and noisy disturbance5)  Free or done without charge7)  Effective or able to produce a desired effect11)  Having courteous or polished manners or charm13) stimulating, arousing14) NOT colorful, vibrant16) note, comment18)  composure, aplomb19)  Very old-fashioned or antiquated or out-of-date21)  substance, theme


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