Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  To teach by repetition2)  Capable of being touched and felt, tangible3)  A projecting or protruding part of a battle line; Standing out, noticeable, prominent, or conspicuous4)  Showing a keen sense of understanding or insight5)  punishable, culpable7)  inaccurate, spurious8)  To make more certain or confirm11) trick, mislead13)  injurious, malicious14)  Lacking style or good taste; shabby18)  An inhabitant or resident; A person who visits a place often Across: 6)  rough, tactless9)  flush, high-colored10)  surfeit, satisfy12)  To give emphasis to or to stress15)  dependent, possible16)  Temperate and moderate in diet17)  To scatter or spread abroad18) rambling, incoherent19)  To shrink back or lose courage when in a difficult situation20)  An opinion or doctrine that is different from society's accepted beliefs21)  scorch, cauterize


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