Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 2)  To emit or send out; To ooze forth3)  Showy and intended to impress others6) NOT obtuse7) NOT peccadillo8)  An eager or excessive desire to possess; Greed9)  neighboring, bordering10)  pardon, excuse11)  Charming and attractive in a simple, childlike way12)  Brilliant and sparkling, in terms of personality14)  To charm or captivate17)  Commonplace and dull, lacking imagination18) noise, ballyhoo Across: 1)  damaging, injurious4)  Exceeding more than is necessary; Repetitive5)  Superior to or notable, outstanding8)  A picture or representation in which natural characteristics are exaggerated or distorted; To make a distorted representation of someone or something13)  Making a hypocritical show of religious virtue or righteousness15)  shrink, weaken16)  To magnify or increase the degree or value of17) interpret, rehash19)  inherent, definite20)  Prudent and shrewd in practical ways


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