Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT stock2)  provenance, initiation3) pompous, overblown4)  succinct, curt5) NOT refuse7)  expound, prolong9)  castigate, reprimand15)  Inclined to believe or trust too quickly16)  The set standard by which one determines judgment or conclusion; A rule for evaluation Across: 6) excess, plethora8)  An early or premature development in talents or thought10)  A miscellaneous mixture of unrelated things11)  perverse, fiendish12) NOT power13)  Massive slaughter, as in battle14)  Appearing to happen by divine guidance; Good fortune17) unneeded, redundant18)  supposed, likely19)  callow, inexperienced20) stubborn, uncooperative21) NOT straight22)  obedient, acquiescent


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