Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) NOT foil2) pompous, pretentious4)  A hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice5)  upgrade, improve6)  Inherent, relating to the essential nature of a thing7)  breach, disobey9)  Immature, inexperienced11)  By virtue of office or position; By virtue of position or office12)  laziness, lethargy13)  pervade, diffuse18)  To urge by strong, argument, admonition, or advice Across: 3) NOT discredit5)  Self-confident assurance; poise8)  To win confidence or good graces for oneself10)  meddler, trespasser14)  foolishness, nonsense15)  Imposing rigid standards of performance; Severe; Strict16)  remonstrate, scold17)  Supernatural forces, events, and beings collectively; Dealing with supernatural phenomena, involving the supernatural18)  embodiment, essence


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