Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  A state of agitation or turbulent change or development; To make turbulent, to excite or agitate3)  unexpected, chance5)  To hasten the movement or progress of7)  To detest or hate intensely9)  vague, ambiguous10) roundabout, winding13)  To assign as a quality or attribute16)  hurtful, cruel Across: 2) self-assurance, dignity4)  persuade, cajole6)  To embezzle funds or engage in embezzlement8)  redress, compensate11)  In name only; Insignificantly small, minor12)  chance, involuntary13)  The adoption of behaviors from a surrounding society14)  unconvincing, feeble15)  To feel or express sorrow or pity for; sympathize with17)  A natural propensity or inclination; Tendency18)  eager to overthrow the current government; intently focused on rebellion19)  tell, direct


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