Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  Narrow or isolated in outlook or experience2) NOT cold4) assiduous, industrious6)  vague, unstructured8)  incomprehensible, secret9)  illicit, illegal10)  To present and urge reasons in opposition; To protest12)  To cut down or reduce in extent or quantity13)  springy, elastic14)  An innate inclination; a tendency19)  Pervasive psychic influence supposed to emanate from persons Across: 3) disreputable, run-down5)  A soft, light, and delicate fabric; Thin, light, delicate, or flimsy7)  To make something appear greater than it actually is; Exaggerate11)  Impossible to retract or take back15)  Habitually complaining, whining16) echo, ring17)  truculent, coarse18)  dismiss, abandon20)  surmise, deduce21)  bookish, learned22) model, prime example


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