Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Crossword
Special Characters:
Down: 1)  To assign or remove, usually to an inferior or lower position3)  Not noble4)  Based on a theory, assumption or guess6)  Easily nauseated or sickened7)  Acting subordinate to another; Submissive9)  Unaffected by strong emotion or prejudice11)  Contributing to an end, beneficial12) NOT agreement13)  Enthusiastic vigor and liveliness; distinctive flair14) NOT agile15)  repudiate, reject18)  censor, bowdlerize21) NOT delight Across: 2)  Easily influenced by power or emotion5)  trial, attack8) NOT support10)  Excessive use, especially with alcoholic beverages; Lack of self-control16)  Full of bitterness17)  To disperse or disappear19)  Panic, confusion20)  bulky, overweight22)  Faithlessness; Treachery


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