Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  amateur, beginner2)  weaken, lessen3)  pariah, abomination4) NOT speak honestly5)  To restore or revive from death or unconciousness7)  Something done for show or to make a big impression9)  dallying, remiss10)  liable, responsible11) NOT fortune17)  Obviously bad or offensive19) brief, concise20)  speck, fraction Across: 2)  thrift, stinginess6)  Having discernment or cleverness8)  Sluggish or inactive12)  Hazy, vague or indistinct13)  Unsure of how to make a decision or unable to proceed14)  Untidy or unclean or careless in dress or appearance15)  Excessive flattery or praise16)  transient, fleeting18)  sum up, outline21)  notion, assumption


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