Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  cull, separate2)  To remove or separate, as from society or public life3)  Unyielding; not able to be persuaded5)  abounding, ubiquitous7)  Harshness of sound or manner8)  doomed, dying10)  buff, polish11) NOT animation14)  To express disapproval of15)  savory, delicious18) debris, dregs19)  clique, gang Across: 3)  Having little or no money4)  One who communes with the dead through magic and may predict the future6)  To flow forth or proceed, as from some source9)  Burdensome or oppressive or difficult12)  Someone whose beliefs come from a variety of sources and philosophies; Combining elements from a variety of sources13)  limp, drooping16) enthusiastic, excited17)  A fundamental element, principle, or skill that must be learned first within a field20)  To annul or cancel or do away with21) surrounding, throughout


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