Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1)  To repay or return either good or evil, as to a person2)  No longer in use or no longer operating4)  impious, sinful6)  all-seeing, ubiquitous7)  incurable, hopeless8)  Using few words, concise10)  Expressing sorrow, melancholy11)  Blameless or faultless13)  conclude, speculate14)  To beg or demand urgently15)  Seeking and enjoying the company of others; Social and outgoing18)  Concerning beauty or the appreciation of beauty; A set of principles behind the work of a particular artist or movement21)  Unlucky; unfortunate Across: 3)  To support or adopt as one's own5)  Equivalent, as in meaning, value or effect9)  involuntary, automatic12) bother, frustrate16)  The lowest point or a point of great despair17)  To insert or introduce between other things or parts19)  Given to deception and lying20)  dwindle, droop22)  An object of excessive attention or devotion


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