Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 12 Crossword
Down: 1) compensate, make amends2)  No longer in use or no longer operating4)  blasphemous, sinful6)  Existing everywhere at the same time7)  Not able to be repaired or remedied8)  succinct, short10)  sad, doleful11)  ideal, flawless13) speculate, presume14)  To beg or demand urgently15)  Seeking and enjoying the company of others; Social and outgoing18) NOT ugly21)  Unlucky; unfortunate Across: 3)  uphold, support5)  Equivalent, as in meaning, value or effect9) routine, automatic12) NOT placate16)  The lowest point or a point of great despair17)  To insert or introduce between other things or parts19)  deceptive, shifty20) droop, dwindle22)  fixation, preoccupation


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