Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 13 Crossword
Down: 1)  Showing fascination with death and decay or morbid2)  To hypnotize or fascinate or spellbind3)  Disgrace or reproach caused by shameful behavior4)  A crafty scheme or plot to bring about a sinister or evil end5)  Extremely easy or oversimplified7)  To produce or bring into existence9)  Taking notice or being aware10)  Appropriate manners, characteristics or behavior for a situation13)  Light or airy or heavenly14)  To think appropriate or worthy of one's dignity15)  sequester, acquire16)  The power to produce the desired effect or result18)  Difficult to understand Across: 6)  divergent, illogical8)  wither, evaporate11)  Feeling or showing guilt or regret for sins or wrongs12)  untruth, mendacity15)  Commonly regarded as such or accepted as true17)  An artificial or deceptive front of a building or an appearance19)  acrimonious, nitpicky20)  slur, insult21)  luminary, hero


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