Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  Unwilling to do something, strongly opposed2) plot, maneuver3) shrivel, desiccate5)  Likely to happen at any moment6)  fanciful, chimerical9)  worship, praise10) agreeable, accommodating11)  To entrust to another's control or care; to devote for a special purpose13)  One that is avoided or rejected; a social outcast14)  suspension, postponement17) feverish, flushed Across: 4)  oppose, disagree7)  Natural and existing from birth; inherent8)  sated, overflowing10) NOT truthfulness12)  Substituting a harsh or offensive expression with a more mild or indirect one15)  trivialities, fine points16)  Blissful or happy; appearing to be blessed or saintly18)  Harsh-sounding and discordant19)  evinced, unmistakable20)  placebo, quack remedy21)  Something enormous in size or power


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