Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  hesitant, averse2)  A very successful plan or strategy3) shrivel, desiccate5)  looming, impending6)  utopian, idealized9)  An action or speech meant to coax or flatter10) NOT disagreeable11) entrust, assign13)  reprobate, derelict14) NOT continuation17)  Relating to or characterized by fever, feverish Across: 4) NOT validate7) NOT gained8)  Filled completely; in abundance10)  Deception or trickery12)  indirectness, nice talk15)  A small or trivial detail16) angelic, heavenly18)  raucous, harsh19)  A list of cargo or passengers on a ship; To make clear to the eye or understanding, to show plainly; Clearly perceived by the eye or understanding, obvious and apparent20)  A medicine considered a cure-all; a scheme with questionable effect21)  Something enormous in size or power


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