Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  acclaim, tribute2)  The quality of being upright or correct in principles and conduct3) nonconformity, contention4) stocks, ridicule6)  An exchange of mutual and bitter accusations10)  deference, loyalty11)  false front, imitation12)  announce, declare14)  comfort, improvement16)  Hole or opening17)  exist, live Across: 5) evil, wickedness7)  Any small or meager amount or portion8)  wasteful, careless9)  Incapable of being injured or disturbed or broken12)  harbinger, prophecy13)  jumpy, impatient15)  Capable of changing often or fickle18)  self-indulgent, hedonistic19)  Of or being like an angel20)  Coming into existence or development21)  Offspring, children or descendents


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