Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 1) peaceful, serene3) dishonest, insincere4)  approach, proposition5)  To move in waves8)  Something that apparently has magic power9)  asker, suitor11)  Excessively dramatic or emotional12)  Expressing disapproval13)  properness, appropriateness18)  clear, apparent21)  Swiftness of action or motion; speed Across: 2)  Marked by keen interest and enthusiasm6)  An agreement entered into by two or more persons or parties7)  jig, artifice10)  immediately, promptly14) irreverence, impiety15)  introduce, propose16)  hubbub, tumult17)  offensive, repugnant19)  The utterance of criticism or censure20)  A chemical or person who starts a fire, literally or figuratively; Tending to start a fire or stir up rebellion22)  unthinking, foolish


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