Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  To cancel or reverse a previous command3)  puerile, moronic4)  Solid or real or pertaining to practical importance7) assert, profess8)  tier, rank9)  A recital of prayers in response to a leader; A long or drawn-out account10) careless, indifferent11)  adumbrate, predict17)  potpourri, mixture18)  satiate, drench21)  Glaringly obvious, outright, blatant; Across: 1)  Smallness of number or scarce5)  To shed or cast off6)  A massive, overpowering destructive force that crushes everything in its way12)  choleric, irritable13)  ironclad, definite14) NOT acknowledge15)  hideous, deathlike16)  Light or playful banter or teasing during conversation19)  To tear down to the ground or completely destroy20)  To win or overcome the distrust of another22)  provoke, enrage


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