Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  cancel, repeal3)  bird-brained, stupid4)  Solid or real or pertaining to practical importance7)  asseverate, declare8)  rank, degree9) refrain, supplication10)  indifferent, careless11)  adumbrate, predict17)  A mixture or medley of things18)  To soak or fill to capacity21) downright, bold Across: 1)  Smallness of number or scarce5) shed, radiate6) steamroller, destroyer12)  A gloomy or sullen mood13)  Cannot be disproved or argued against14)  cancel, retract15)  Gruesome or horribly or dealing with death16)  persiflage, teasing19) demolish, destroy20)  To win or overcome the distrust of another22)  vex, infuriate


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