Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 9 Crossword
Down: 1)  sanction, authorization2)  A word or expression that distinguishes one group from another3)  Never slackening or stopping5) amateur, greenhorn6)  The act of traveling from one place to another8)  To accuse falsely or to slander9)  Worthless or insignificant11) unrefined, pastoral13)  Very cautious or hesitant14)  salutation, approval17) NOT placidity18)  A showy and inappropriate display of learning21) extend, propound Across: 4) resplendent, radiant7) NOT flattering10)  Something added or gained, an addition or increase; To increase by one12) apprentice, dilettante15)  Fragrant or having a pleasant odor16)  Incapable of getting upset or emotionally level19)  deceit, complicity20) pussyfoot around, be indecisive21)  blasphemous, immoral


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