Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 2) inform, familiarize3)  fracas, brawl5)  compartmentalize, split6) NOT settle7)  Given to or fond of drink, usually alcohol; Sponge-like9)  The attitude or practice of controlling and managing others similar to how a father would interact with his children11) cloud, adumbrate12)  miniature model, small world16)  An ungrammatical or nonstandard usage of language; A violation of etiquette or good manners Across: 1) servant, subordinate4) followers, applauders8)  Support; Protection; Endorsement10)  Funded by charity; Pertaining to charity or alms13) NOT impossibility14)  Native, coming from that country or region15)  A letter written in lowercase; Very small or tiny17) NOT cheerful18)  A wordbook or dictionary; Vocabulary unique to a group, person, field or subject19)  extent, span20)  A reddish or ruddy complexion; Habitually cheerful, optimistic or hopeful


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