Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 2 Crossword
Down: 2) inform, familiarize3)  battle royal, fracas5)  compartmentalize, separate6) extirpate, uproot7)  Given to or fond of drink, usually alcohol; Sponge-like9) fatherly, parently11)  To confuse or obscure or make unclear12)  miniature model, small world16)  An ungrammatical or nonstandard usage of language; A violation of etiquette or good manners Across: 1)  A person allowed to work the land of a feudal lord but then owing the lord allegiance or homage; A slave or servant; Compliant and obedient to authority, subservient4) NOT foe8)  backing, protection10)  generous, benevolent13)  Appearing to or having the semblance of truth, reality or likelihood14) native, innate15) small, diminutive17)  Inclined to shed tears easily; Mournful18)  A wordbook or dictionary; Vocabulary unique to a group, person, field or subject19)  span, scope20)  A reddish or ruddy complexion; Habitually cheerful, optimistic or hopeful


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