Wordly Wise Book 11 Lesson 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  excavate, dig up2) diverse, mixed3)  violate, intrude4)  to claim or assume the existence or truth of, especially as a basis for reasoning or arguing.5) NOT conditional6)  full of juice; juicy.10)  Something enormous in size or power11) win, reign13)  treeless plains; flat; of the artic region Across: 7)  changes in circumstances; fluctuations; ups and downs8) beneficial, salutary9)  to render putrid; cause to rot or decay with an offensive odor.12) abundance, ample supply14)  enfeeble, weaken15)  a figure of speech by which an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in cruel kindness or to make haste slowly.


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