Wordly Wise Book 12 Lesson 11 Crossword
Down: 1)  Capable of being touched and felt, tangible2)  study, examine3)  disobedient, unruly5)  aspersion, verbal assault6)  a fellow member of a fraternity, profession, etc.; colleague8)  Having a relation like that of a child to a parent, pertaining to a son or daughter9)  To act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument, or postpone a decision10)  explosion, blast13)  Equality, fairness or balance Across: 4)  Given to or characterized by joking7)  bid, convene8)  castigate, berate11) beg, pray12)  A controversial argument, especially one refuting or attacking a specific opinion or doctrine14)  of no force or effect; ineffective; futile; vain.


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