Wordly Wise Book 12 Lesson 18 Crossword
Down: 1)  Failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless2)  stubbornly disobedient5) break, breach6)  matrimoney, wedlock10)  A burden; an obligation13) bottom, pediment14)  a dead body, especially a human body to be dissected; corpse. Across: 3)  State of weariness, diminished energy, or listlessness4)  Favoring intellect over instinct; Using one's brain over emotion7)  A reddish or ruddy complexion; Habitually cheerful, optimistic or hopeful8) hibernation, slumber9)  pact, formalities11)  a person who revels in what is revolting; 12)  relationship by descent from a common ancestor; kinship .15)  confiscate, usurp


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