Wordly Wise Book 12 Lesson 4 Crossword
Down: 1)  sceptic, heretic2)  A command or formal order; To issue a command or formal order4)  to cause to surge or rush back; vomit.5)  worthy to be laughed at; amusing7)  Formal or official approval; also, praise8)  ignorant, dense12)  any creed or formula of belief.15)  To shun; to avoid Across: 3)  Relying on or derived from observation or experiment6)  hardship, catastrophe9)  commendable, deserving10)  To speak or write at length in detail; To wander freely11)  Stubbornly disobedient; Resisting to authority13)  Outwardly apparent but not necessarily so14)  conventional, working class


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