Wordly Wise Book 5 Lesson 14 Crossword
Down: 1)  to have need of; demand3)  disorderly, loud4) understanding, free-thinking, liberal, open-minded5) crumbly, flimsy, fragile, weak7)  not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing9)  to unite; combine a person who is admitted to a subordinate degree of membership in an association or institution11)  to keep busy or at work; put to work for pay, hire Across: 2)  Admittance to a place, a means of passage or entrance; To be able to reach, approach, enter, etc.; To obtain3) aglow, flashing, glowing, luminous6) NOT city, metropolis8)  to supply or brighten with light; light up.10) era, years12)  To change greatly in form or appearance13)  ridicule, deride14)  to supply means of support


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