Wordly Wise Book 5 Lesson 9 Crossword
Down: 1) examination, observation, search, study2)  to hang by attachment to something above3) do, knock off, complete, perform5)  to rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level6) NOT cowardly, weak, timit, unchivalrous9)  Moved or managed with difficulty, as from great size or awkward shape12) crazy, loony, silly, irrational Across: 2)  to fly upward, as a bird.4) public, crowd, fan, observer7) copycat, imitate8) NOT prolong10)  having the component parts closely compacted together; crowded or compact11) plain, obvious, consequential, substantial13) stump, waddle, hobble, tramp14)  without material strength or solidity;not strongly made, easily broken


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