Wordly Wise Book 6 Lesson 11 Crossword
Down: 1) suggested by fancy; imaginary; unreal 2) belonging to or peculiar to a person; proper3)  to occupy or hold4)  a feeling of ill will or resentment5) better part, nearly all6)  To continue striving in spite of discouragements and difficulties10)  united, total agreement14)  reckless, uncontrollable Across: 7)  to fill or affect with a specified feeling, thought, etc.8)  Firm or determined; Set in purpose or opinion and not willing to change one's mind9) NOT regard11)  scorn, jeer12)  to shorten by omitting letters, substituting shorter forms13)  to shut out from consideration, privilege, etc.15)  Of no avail or effect; Useless; Hopeless


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