Wordly Wise Book 6 Lesson 15 Crossword
Down: 1)  to unite or blend into a whole, as if by melting together2) NOT slow down3)  blanket, hide4)  Anxious or fearful about the future; Uneasy6)  of or relating to the sun10)  to cause to move in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.11)  being nothing more nor better than13) NOT excess, overflow, huge amount Across: 3)  to have life or animation; live; be.5) NOT agitate7)  To occupy the same relative position or the same area in space; To be in agreement8)  to examine critically and break down into separate parts to study.9)  any thin, flat, circular plate or object.12)  rare, remarkable14) escalate, climb, ascend, proportion


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