Wordly Wise Book 6 Lesson 17 Crossword
Down: 1)  Margin of error; Allowance for mistakes3) to eat or wear away gradually as if by gnawing, especially by chemical action 5) pitiable, moving7)  An act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one, a feat; To make use of selfishly or unethically, to use for personal gain9)  being, on, or represented on a small scale; reduced.10)  Very proud or happy, or in high spirits11) scrub, comb Across: 2)  A search for something valuable, a journey to achieve something; To search for, to go on a journey4)  excretion, slime6) NOT conclusion8)  preceding and leading up to the main part, matter, or business; introductory; preparatory11)  retrieve, save12) moving, shiftable13)  to hold back from action; keep in check or under control; repress14)  The scattered remains of something broken or destroyed; rubble or wreckage


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