Wordly Wise Book 7 Lesson 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  Sharp or harsh to the taste or smell; Extremely stinging or bitter in manner4)  Imposing rigid standards of performance; Severe; Strict6)  To move wildly at great speed;7)  handle, manage8)  lax, inattentive11)  slow down, hinder13)  Very angry, enraged Across: 1)  remiss, relaxed3)  Overcrowded to the point where traffic or people can't move well5)  to crowd or press upon; jostle.; filled with people or objects; crowded.9) NOT cool10)  to bring into use or put into effect12)  brash, foolhardy13) NOT avoidable14)  any person, group, thing, etc., that is harmed or killed as a result of some act or event


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