Wordly Wise Book 8 Lesson 17 Crossword
Down: 2)  the art of making persuasive speeches; oratory4)  Agreement or harmony between people, sounds, colors, opinions, etc.; To be in agreement or harmony, to agree6)  An association organized to promote art, science or education; To establish, organize and set in operation, to begin7)  Blameless or faultless10)  empathy, affinity13) deliberate, award Across: 1)  To involve in an argument; To throw into confusion or disorder3)  give, leave5)  leader, administrator8)  A very successful plan or strategy9)  A stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle11)  the male head of a family or tribal line.12)  A interval of time, memorable for extraordinary events; An era or age14)  To declare positively; To maintain to be true15)  relinquish, give up


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