Wordly Wise Book 9 Lesson 3 Crossword
Down: 1)  Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective2)  fanfare, grandiosity4)  meditative, thoughtful5)  bless, make holy8)  of or pertaining to the coinage or currency of a country.9)  rue, regret11)  To refer to indirectly; To hint at or insinuate Across: 3)  link, connect6)  To urge by strong, argument, admonition, or advice7)  One who is immoral; One who is undisciplined or spoiled; Done in an unjust, cruel or malicious manner, uncalled-for10)  To scatter or spread abroad12)  stiffly dignified or formal, as speech or literary style; pompous.13)  a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident.14)  to bestow or express excessive love or fondness habitually 15)  To conquer


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