Wordly Wise Book 9 Lesson 8 Crossword
Down: 2)  something a person does in addition to a principal occupation, especially for pleasure; hobby4)  Understood or implied without being expressed5) NOT perfection6)  neophyte, pupil7) campaign, movement11)  A personally offensive act or word, a deliberate act or display of disrespect; To offend openly by disrespect or insolence12)  Of a warlike or combative disposition or tendency Across: 1)  One that is avoided or rejected; a social outcast3)  to install in an office, benefice, position, etc., especially with formal ceremonies8)  Having skill in the use of the bodily or mental powers9) genius, wonder10)  attitude, conduct13)  ultimate, final14) NOT unschooled15)  Harsh or grating in sound; Rowdy and disorderly


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