Sophomore Unit 11 Crossword
Down: 2)  Serene, calm and peaceful3)  powerful, compelling4)  High moral standards, honesty; Adherence to a strict moral or ethical code; Soundness6)  miscomprehend, misread10)  To refer to indirectly; To hint at or insinuate12) NOT indefinite13)  The stealing of passages from the writings of another and publishing them as one's own15)  project, bulge16)  The quality of being crafty; Skillful deceit or treacherous cunning; Deviousness Across: 1)  On or near the surface; Comprehending only what is on the surface, apparent and obvious5)  Very annoying, offensive or objectionable7)  ploy, ruse8)  To calm the anger of; To appease or pacify9)  grasp, comprehend11)  Grim or desolate, harsh; Utterly, absolutely or completely14)  perceptive, intuitive17) NOT deficient18) schedule, journey19)  Lacking respectability in character, appearance or behavior; Disgraceful; Shady20)  native, aboriginal


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